This keepsake is dedicated to our ancestors who marched and died in order for us to live the life they could only dream of. Their prayers and sacrifices should never be forgotten and their strength in unison should be a reflection of each of us today. This book has the power to awaken a nation of people to their God given consciousness, awakening the seed to its greatness.

The Seed Of A Slave

awakening the seed

A book of poems which allow your emotions to run deep, remember your first love, your heart-aches, your pains and your new beginnings. Every emotion that you felt thus far in your life has made you into the person you are today.  Give thanks to the pain for it is the reason for the strength that you have gained.  You are a better person based on your past, your experiences, and the love you have shared.

Feelings from Deep Within

When innocence is preyed upon it can leave a person devastated, non-trusting, and bitter.  Poetry can heal the battered soul and allow it to breathe again.  Find your healing in one of the most revealing poetry books of our time and become one with the person you are destined to become.  Healing is only one book away as we share the innocence of love on different levels.  Find wisdom in a poem that is sure to leave you speechless.

Prey of Innocence

Awakening the Seed is a compilation of inspirational words of wisdom that will empower, strengthen, and enlighten the root to one's soul. These words of wisdom motivate the reader to seek purpose, meaning, and to walk in courage and not by fear. Awakening the seed to its greatness.

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