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Irene Booker Launches her Latest Masterpiece:   Awakening the Seed

In the modern bustle of the world, many can become lost in a feeling of despair. Here to inspire and motivate is Irene Booker’s latest work entitled, "Awakening the Seed."

October 25, 2016 – According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over seventy-five million adults are plagued by some sort of anxiety. (1) To combat this trend Irene Booker has published an empowering book of wisdom to unlocking potential entitled, "Awakening the Seed." Specifically, the book combats poverty, enlightens the soul, and brings out the power within. To achieve this goal Booker has made the book easily digestible, yet deeply introspective, allowing readers to understand complex topics with little effort. Adding to the book’s effectiveness is Booker’s enthralling tone, keeping readers engaged. These stylistic strengths make "Awakening the Seed" one of the few life-improving mental awakening that actually work.

We must build their self-esteem inside out.  Teach them the true meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.  Build their character, Build their self-confidence, Build their self-awareness and Instill values.  Let them know that productive children are all of our concern.  We must mold our "Future Leaders."  Instill within each of them that "We Were Born For Greatness!"

We must teach them from birth that "We Were Born For Greatness."  We must mold them!

Students are taught that the future belongs to them while wearing their "We Were Born For Greatness" T-shirts.

Children are taught at an early age that Greatness lives within each of them and the importance of unity. 

Outdoor activities are so much more enjoyable wearing "We Were Born For Greatness" T-shirts which are a reflection of us.

"We Were Born For Greatness" T-shirts on display.

Kindergarten students rehearsing their lines as they read excerpts from the book entitled, "Don't Be Ashamed Gabby-I'm Not" by Irene Booker.

A group of kindergarten students are proudly displaying important Black Leaders who have influenced their history.

A kindergarten student was inspired after reading "Don't Be Ashamed Gabby-I'm Not" and decided to dedicate his Black History board to his favorite children's author, Irene Booker.

Change will come when our children are able to read books in which they are able to identify with. Change will come when we are taught that our ancestors were much more than slaves. Change will come when our children realize that their birth is a gift; a gift which must be shared with the world. Change will come when we become doers and effect change in our communities. Change will come when we as a people open our arms and embrace hope into our homes.

Change will not come feeding our children rhetoric from 100 years ago. They must be inclusive and not taught to feel exclusive! WE Were Born For Greatness!

We Were Born For Greatness” by Irene Booker was read to a class of fifth graders. They realize that excellence resides within each of them. Do not ever fear the person you were born to be. Dream outside of your neighborhoods. Your dreams are your stepping stones which will lead you to your greatness in life. Always remember that each of you were born for Greatness.

Interview between Irene Booker and Marshall Ramsey- Mississippi Public Broadcasting-93,1 FM

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